Friday, 15 August 2014


"Elizabeth Windsor. To the people of Britain, you should know that she has abandoned you people and all the Common Wealth for her own Private Contracting business."

“David Cameron: You have failed to answer our important letters, now today David Cameron Prime Minister I will write to you one more time, I’ll give you 72 hours to respond, if you don’t respond we have the legal right to seize everything the Queen owns, everything the Rothschild’s bank have linked themselves to the fraud of Queen Elizabeth and also the Vatican and Church.

Just to let you know we are serious in our allegations against anyone who we name and put into the dock box. These 4 people have the right, the legal right to do the same because they are now our partners – we choose them and we are going to let them pick two trustees out of the four and Jaymie and I as trustees are going to replace the Queen as Head Trustee of our indigenous native Hapu in New Zealand.

That’s the original 1884 Trust which Queen Victoria set up for us between us and Britain.

We have four people who are going to Westminster Parliament to challenge David Cameron; your legal possession is now on tender-hooks and Phillip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary of State, you are on notice by me, John Wanoa.” 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Queen Elizabeth II robbed HM Treasury UK put it in EU.

Proposal for Gordon Bowden, John Patterson, George Lee and Matt Taylor to join the Moai Crown Federal State Queen Victoria King William Admiralty Jurisdiction 1830 and 1844 TRUST FUND. The British people and the Commonwealth countries should know publicly now that the Queen has stolen the money out the the TRUST FUND that belongs to MOAI HAPU and the British Immigrants living in New Zealand and taken it into the EU European Union Parliament to create her own NWO New World Order Government fraudulently. This is a case where MOAI will now replace her as HEAD of our HAPU TRUST set up by Queen Victoria in 1844 between British Government Westminster Parliament and MOAI Natives HAPU Sovereign People. She has no legal right as a TRUSTEE to STEAL the BENEFICIARIES Property and Wealth and take it to another Country which she has! Britain has a serious FRAUD Problem on its Hands with the QUEEN, the CITY OF LONDON and the ROTHSCHILD BANKS and VATICAN CITY POPES!


Following on from declaring publicly his support of controversial on-line journalist Chris Spivey’s conclusion, that the Woolwich Lee Rigby murder was a contrived Mi5 false flag event:

Matt Taylor the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015, has issued an extraordinary statement that he supports the Moai native born Monarch John Wanoa from New Zealand, to be the new King of Great Britain and The Common Wealth.

From the Independent HQ office in Peacehaven, Matt Taylor said “Its prudent to start thinking ahead to what we must do once Queen Elizabeth II has been arrested in accordance with the guilty verdict of the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State (ITCCS), for crimes against humanity.

While I’m too humble to claim the helm of the British Monarchy for myself, I maintain my right as a Monarch to do so, by claiming a descend to King Arthur II who was born 503AD in Glamorgan Wales and died 579AD in Kentucky America.

While I’m too shy to claim the British Throne as my own, (though I have the right to do so,) I’m more than happy to put forward my children as Monarch’s to be the King and Queen of Great Britain once they’ve achieved maturity.

While Elizabeth Windsor was born from the union of a maid and a whipping boy called Winston Churchill in London of Germanic descent, and has been allowed to rule the Common Wealth, it is only right and proper that a Monarch from the other side of the global is bestowed the same honour.

It’s with this in mind that the only person I am prepared to allow on the British Throne, having taken an Oath to honour, protect and serve the British Throne, (other than my children) is John Wanoa, native Moai from New Zealand.

Now if he wishes to bestow that Throne onto Jeff Foley as he may well do, I’m happy to bow to John’s wisdom and respect his decision.”

Unbeknownst to the majority of the British people The Moai, lead by a delegation made up of:

  • John Wanoa
  • Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai
  • Desmond Wanoa

Are in the process of appointing agents to use Kings Orders and authority to carry out a Kings Orders Kings Bench Warrant & collect Kings Royal Revenue using King William IV Admiralty Jurisdiction and Flag Seal.

Now if that didn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry. Talking in legalese, The Moai are essentially using the authority of King William IV above and over the authority of Queen Elizabeth II, who as a convicted criminal in the judgment of the ITCSS, has lost all authority to govern.

Thus final notice has been served upon:

  • Phillip Hammond – UK Foreign Secretary
  • David Cameron – UK Prime Minister
  • Gerry Mateparae - Governor-General of New Zealand
  • John Key – PM of New Zealand
  • Elizabeth Windsor – Monarch of Great Britain & The Commonwealth

Each of the above named will be billed one by one for any Gold missing from The Moai Crown Hapu Queen Victoria King William IV Admiralty Trust Fund.

Using Facebook legally as the public platform to serve it’s legal documentation, each of the above named person now have 3 days to refute the notice, which means that if no reply is forthcoming within 72 hours, then The Moai in partnership with their UK agents have the legality to enforce the Order to Seize the Estate of Elizabeth Windsor.

As Desmond Wanoa explains:

“The plan is to get Matt Taylor to take the Order to West Minster Parliament to force David Cameron to comply with the Kings Orders of his Legal Commercial Lien Trading Bank Business Partners. Moai Crown Federal State Government which is us. This is a Private International Contract.”


Remembering the great British King William IV, its prudent to point out that though he was overshadowed by Queen Victoria who reigned after his death, he was the only man at that time to see the deviousness of the Rothschild banker’s infiltration of not only the Windsor Royal family but also the nation’s ability to issue it’s own wealth.

With precedents like the American ‘Greenback’ Dollar, the Bradbury Pound and the Lewes Pound, any sovereign nation or people has the legality to issue their own sovereign wealth if they so wish.


“Printing the Pound Note Credit Facility, Moai use the Commercial Lien Instrument of the Foreclosure on the Queens Trust as Head Trustee for the amount of £970 million trillion trillion British Pound Sterling. Security if Interest set against the Crown Property Gold Land Banks E State Assets entirely. This is a Debtors Lien Notice against each individual Crown Agent Criminal Felon.”

Not only have The Moai brought with them Moai Tidal Electric which does away with fracking and off-shore wind farms, they have also brought King William IV’s Gold Trust fund worth an incredible, £970 million trillion trillion.


  • A New King
  • Ever-lasting Energy
  • £970 million trillion trillion to ignite the economy


Explained further:

“We will get John Paterson to print off the pound note as our Moai Royal Sovereigns Bank. The partnership is only between British & Moai Sovereigns set up Bank & Court House in London where John Wanoa & Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai will join up with our business partners pending. Set up King William IV in Plymouth then set up extended to London Admiralty Court with Matt Taylor & his good crew. Our Bank Manager John Paterson will convert the British Pound Note to NZ $ from that end and can happen as fast as next week.”


Descended from the natives who erected the world famous Easter Island Heads, they prefer to be called Moai rather than with the R Maori, which is their over-lord’s name given to them with the arrival of Europeans to New Zealand in the 17th century.


Who would have guessed that the answer to our Nation’s needs would be coming from the very Natives which the British Empire governed over 150 years ago?

John Wanoa has the solution, the fund to do it and the power to do it.

  • With King William IV's Admiralty Law as his authority to order it.
  • With Queen Victoria's Fund to pay for it.
  • Moai Tidal Electric to power it.

The Moai aren’t coming here for a holiday. They are traveling across the globe to the UK to audit the very King’s Trust Fund, which King William IV put in their safe hands for safe keeping.


“It was decided that as far as the Gold Trust Fund was concerned we will get the British Military & John Paterson to organise the Debt Collectors to go after the Gold with the money we print. So will leave JP to set up the Security of Interest Admiralty Mortgage Lien Levy Sealed Documents to recover and salvage the debt from where ever it is.

The Queens Trust as Head Trustee along with the King & Queen of Spain & Prince Andrew will be audited assessed by us and John Paterson to include OPPT Bank balance sheet £1,141 million trillion trillion in Gold Bullion & balance in British Pound Note Sterling. Sack the Queen as head trustee and all the rest and nominate John Wanoa & Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai at this end and John Paterson and your crew at the other end to replace them.

A thorough investigation on where all the money was spent on Military War & other activities that are fraud & corruption & get them to investigate where all the Gold & Money so we assess the value of their offences in one lump sum divided by the total number of offenders eg 1 billion. Our friends will force the issue in Parliament where Moai Crown Federal State Flag which after 72 hours this flag will be presented to Westminster Parliament to Enforce & Raise there in the name of King William IV Admiralty Jurisdiction.

Who is using our King William IV Flag Seal & Seal on authenticating their legal documents which include Land Titles Banks Mortgages Equity Assets of Value Prize Possession including HM CUSTOMS Cargo Bill of Laiden Manifest will be investigated and not immune from our Search & Seizure Warrants. We use Kings Orders to Search & Seize the Queens Orders Property we can go in & audit HM Treasury Account Queens Account HM Treasury Lands & Money.”


This is a revolution going through the British Law Court’s, under King William IV Admiralty Jurisdiction.



“After the British citizens have taken firm action in holding the Queen accountable, John Wanoa & Jaymie Patrick Stewart Ngatai will come over and speak for the King because since David Cameron never acknowledged his ancestor & is using the Admiralty he gave for us. This is our Commercial Contract with Westminster & Cameron being third party, first party is Queen Victoria Trust King William IV Admiralty Jurisdiction and second party is Moai Crown Hapu Sovereignty.”


“David Cameron, this one is for you.

  • Please answer the letter that I sent you last night.
  • Listen to the video and listen every very carefully because we are talking about your ancestor that you claim, King William IV, who is your ancestor.

Now you cannot let this one go pass. You must adhere to what we’re saying about this authority that you are using in your parliament there, and any other member of parliament who is an ambassador to Britain who is promoting business interest around the world.

You have to get this one right because Russia is watching, China is watching you, America is watching you, everyone is watching you to make sure you get this one right OK.

The Queen has gone to the EU Parliament. She’s taken our Trust there. Where-ever she walks, she takes our Trust but the Gold is still over there in Westminster, in the Bank of England.

Now I want David Cameron to cease and freeze the assets of The Queen. Siege them, right now. Freeze them until we have an audit to find what Prince Andrew was up to.

I have the right to order you from the King’s Bench, order made online.

On the front-line bench we’ve got David Mackey, Sir George Zebarlous (insert correct name), The Navy, Nicholas Houghton (insert correct name) Military Commander, Judge Mackey, watch it- WE ARE THE LAW.


It’s higher than The Queen’s Bench, we’ve got The Kings bench on-line, on Facebook, everything there is going on, videos everything, its proof in a court over there, when we come over we are saying straight to the court, and if we need to, we’ll use a Court Order to arrest The Queen.

OK, we’re going to arrest The Queen and Jeff Foley, he’s got his constable in his castle as Monarchs.

You have me and Jamie Patrick Stewart Ngatai as Monarchs on our native side.

We’ve got Jeff from Wales on the other Monarch and you’ve got Matt Taylor Monarch on the other, as challenges to the Monarch and Crown.

We are coming there for good reason so David Cameron, I want you to think hard about that and prepare for us to come over.



Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Brighton politicians have reacted in amusement to the idea that the London Major Boris Johnson’s is thinking of standing as a MP in Brighton.

  • “Over my dead body,” says Matt Taylor the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptwon in 2015 who warns, “I may even have to abandon standing in Brighton Kemptown to stand in Hove and Portslade if Boris decides to stand in my home town...” 
  • Peter Kyle for Hove and Portslade said, “I'd love Boris to stand here! I'd be there to welcome him to the constituency and offer him a tour! I want to stand against great opponents and have a really vigorous campaign...bring it on Boris! Sadly he's too cowardly to stand here!”
  • While Graham Cox, the person who would have had to step aside if Boris did decide to stand as a Brighton MP called the idea a, “non starter”.

Unbelievable to many and a wish come true for a very few, the absurdity of anyone voting for the likes of Boris Johnson becomes very clear when you take a closer look at the buffoon and what he really stands for…

While he loves to play the bumbling buffoon which so many seem to love and admire, the nasty truth is that given his privileged up-bringing and education, Boris Johnson is a very astute politician, very clever very capable and very evil.

  • Let us never forget that alongside with David Cameron, they were members of the Bullingdon Club.
  • Let us never forget this bunch of spoilt rich boys burning £50 notes in front of beggars on the street.
  • Let’s never forget the likes of Boris Johnson and David Cameron for drunkenly smashing up restaurants and wine bars, for no other reason to demonstrate they can and that with enough money to bail them out, they can do what they want and get away with it whenever they want.

These people are fraudsters I tell you. You only need to read the journalism of Chris Spivey and Abel Danger to realize that.

  • Both David Cameron and Boris Johnson have been indicted in “Boiler Room” fraud from within Westminster by Abel Danger, a network of investigative citizens organized by Professor George Lees and John Paterson.
  • Both have been indicted as home-land terrorists for playing their roles in the fake Woolwich Lee Rigby murder, disproved by on-line journalist Chris Spivey.

“I’ve got to tell you this story,” says Matt Taylor, “John my father-in-law is your typical Irish man. He’s retired now having spent his life as a publican in London. One day I had to sit down and listen to him praise Boris Johnson. It was hard work but I did it out of respect. I bite my tongue knowing that Boris Johnson wouldn’t even piss on John if he was on fire burning to death in a street gutter. I mean come on. “Boris Johnson is a right-wing as you can get,” says Vox Political the number one blog for politics.

As Vox Political remind us:

  • He firmly believes in a class divide.
  • He has an extreme hatred for anything that may narrow the gap between those that have, and those that have not.
  • He can barely hide his contempt for the poor and those who have been cursed by misfortune.
  • Homelessness in the capital has nearly doubled under his term.
  • He has driven down wages and blocked pay rises.
  • He shut down shelters and cut funding.
  • He closed charity funded hostels.
  • And, most notably doing most damage while everyone was concentrating on the London Olympics; he literally tried to cleanse parts of London of the poor and low paid.

He has achieved what he set out to achieve and it’s a measure of the fortune spent on him, that London is now the playground of the rich and famous.

“Never has London been so expensive to live in,” Vox Political.

“Johnson time as mayor has seen London become with many ordinary working people unable to afford to live in areas where generations of their family have lived and died, London rents are some of the highest in Europe and owning a property will be nothing more than a pipe dream for Londoners and their sons and daughters and perhaps even their grandchildren.”

  • Johnson is not a middle of the road politician.
  • He is as about as extreme right as you can get.
  • Look at his time as London Mayor a little more closely and you’ll see his Nazis evil.
  • He tried to stamp out workers rights and then demonised workers unions.
  • He blames striking workers for the inconvenience caused to their fellow citizens.
  • He point blank refused to even sit down and talk to workers leaving them little option but to strike, and then he was straight on Sky news with condemnation and bile for the strike action.
  • He actively egged on the nation to be part of that condemnation in a shameless show of elitist arrogance.

“London’s wealth has increased tenfold and Boris is a firm supporter of the banks and hedge funders and has encouraged the billions that have flowed in to the square mile but under Boris none of this wealth has dripped down to the ordinary men and women of London who have seen their wages on average hit by an 9% dip due to the sky high cost of living in London, and for some the bedroom tax that Boris supported has added to that misery.”

“Now where was I,” interrupts Matt Taylor who wants to finish his story about his father-in-law, “While John would happily vote for someone who despises him in return, when asked if I could have his dead wife’s computer desk, (which would otherwise be donated to charity) for our Independent HQ office in Peacehaven, (around the corner from where he lives,) John reacts in defiance and said, “No. No way, you are not having that desk for your stupid politics. No way.” Of-course I called him an idiot and he told me to leave his house. And that’s the end of any respect I had for the man.”

Demonstrating the stupidity of your average voter in falling for Johnson’s buffoonery, its hearty putting into perceptive that only a third of the voters, which in itself is not representative of the nation, taking into account unregistered voters; agree independently that Boris Johnson deserves to be in jail for fraud and not in public office.


  • Having lived in Brighton all his life, born in the Royal Sussex Hostipal, Matt Taylor lived in the Brighton Pavilion constituency from birth to 7 years old.
  • Then to the Hove and Portslade constituency from 7 to 17 years old.
  • And now lives in Brighton Kemptown consititency where he intends to stand as MP.

“If Boris Johnson dares to stand as MP for Hove and Portslade I would jump for joy at the prospect of going head to head at the hustings. Can you imagine it, extreme rich kid verses extreme poor kid? At one end of the spectrum a story of a rich kid growing up to be a fat adulteress coward/bully Nazis buffoon, who became a failed MP, turned major of London, who wants to be a MP again, to the other end of a poor kid from a one parent family, who grew up be a family man with a plan to change the world, who became a failed MP, turner Shadow Sussex Polcie Crime Commissioner, who wants to be a MP again.”

The media would love it.

Check out Matt Taylor below at one of several hustings of the 2012 Police and Crime Commissioner elections, caught on camera at Sussex University.

Leaving the last word to the best political blog on the net, Vox Political.

“So when you see lovable cuddly Boris on your TV’s telling you he wants to become an MP once again after his first disastrous stint in parliament, also realize he now has one eye on the big prize and firmly believes he can one day make it all the way to number 10. So just take a minute to see what is just bubbling under that jolly tubby character he plays for the camera's, if you were just to scratch the surface a tiny bit you would see an uncaring man with a lump of coal for a soul and a empty husk for his true character.. You have been warned.”

  • “I want to show what I can do,” says Boris as polls put him as clear favourite to be next Tory leader
  • Poll finds 34% of people believe London Mayor should be next Tory leader.
  • He says: 'I know an awful lot about administration and public service now'. 
  • Boris Johnson supporters said to be plotting to install him as Tory leader.
  • Friends of Boris believe up to 100 MPs would vote against Queen's Speech.
  • Supporters of Boris Johnson are said to be privately vowing to force Prime Minister David Cameron to quit if he tries to form a second Coalition with the Lib Dems.


Read Chris Spivey’s The Drummer Man.

Do not vote for any Nazis Conservative candidate ever again. They are a discredited breed of criminal perverts who will all be thrown in prison, treated with the same respect Royalty were afforded during the French Revolution.

At least Graham the Crook-Cox can sigh a breathe of relief, it would have been his constituency which Boris Johnson would have nicked from under his feet!

Read more: Graham the Cock-Crook-Cox.

Sunday, 10 August 2014


Matt Taylor the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has become the first parliamentary candidate in the country to publicly defend the on-line journalist Chris Spivey’s contention that the Woolwich murder of Lee Rigby was a contrived Mi5 false-flag event.

Exposing himself to public scorn and arrest for questioning the official version of events, Matt Taylor is standing up for the truth and making a stand against the homeland terrorists which now command Westminster and the British government at large.

Directly implicating a number of very important people in his ground-breaking articles ‘The Drummer Man’ and ‘Looking back in Anger,’ including the Prime Minister David Cameron, the Major of London Boris Johnson and the UK monarch The Queen, Chris Spivey has proven beyond doubt that the Woolwich incident was not what we were lead it to believe it was.

Read more: The Drummer Man.

Recently arrested by Essex Police on behalf of Manchester Police, you would have thought Chris Spivey would be serving a custodial sentence for libel and slander by now but no. Shockingly and very illegally, Essex Police raided his home at 1.30am with four police officers on suspicion of harassment.

Rightly angry and appalled Chris Spivey has stuck up two fingers to his illegal bail conditions and published a scathing article ridiculing and degrading the police and government.

“Chris Spivey is right,” contends ex Royal Military Policeman Matt Taylor, “he’s reporting the truth which is self evident by the fact of the illegal arrest and search of his home on suspicion of harassment. Come on, let’s get real, if Chris Spivey was publishing libelous articles against The Queen and Prime Minister he would have been arrested for libel, pure and simple. We are being run by paedophile and corrupt officials and I will be making this the central issue of my election campaign to be elected the Brighton Kemptown MP.”

As Chris Spivey makes clear in his article, “Course, our hypocritical, nonce protecting Prime Minister would want to silence me because my evidence speaks for itself, not to mention the fact that the obnoxious cunt was also an active participant in the fraud.”

And again, “This then is just one example of how your government are mimicking the former East German government of old and turning our police force – that we pay for – into the Stasi.”

And again, “I mean, ask yourself this: Why was it imperative to arrest me at 1.30 in the morning and steal my computers for a misdemeanor, that requires 2 warnings first before the plod can take arrestable action (I have had no warnings), when they could have had a search warrant in less than 24 hours and done it by the book?”

Back to Matt Taylor, “I have no doubt in my mind that Chris Spivey’s articles can and one day, will be used in a court of law to jail David Cameron, Boris Johnson, Queen Elizabeth II and many more very important people who hide behind authority, but who are in truth, disgusting criminals allowed to prosper under the evil rule of the Windsor/Rothschild royal family.”

“Nothing is what it seems, and it’s imperative that I get into Parliament to make this clear to the Brighton Kemptown constituency.”

Wednesday, 6 August 2014


As with everyone I’ve named and shamed while in my endeavors to be elected Brighton Kemptown’s independent MP, none of them have replied, and all remain silent to the very serious claims, allegations and down right abusive name calling I’ve thrown their way.

Take for example Katy Bourne. 

I have called her every name under the Sun and still she remains silent.
When she was elected by her devoted zombie Conservative voters (for no other reason than she was the conservative candidate), there was and still is a petition posted on the 38 degree campaign website calling for the sacking of the then Sussex Chief Constable Martin Richards for covering up for a paedophile friend, the leader of Arun County Council.


What has Katy Bourne said about this? - Nothing!

How can this be allowed in a system in which public officials are meant to answer to the people they represent?

Katy Bourne remains silent over:

  • The fact that Mr Setchfield and Mr Regan claim to have evidence of serious criminality by Martin Richards and that Katy Bourne remains silent is a travesty of her office.
  • Mr Setchfield and Mr Regan aren't the only people to accuse Martin Richard’s of serious criminality.
  • Mr Walson gives even further information but yet Katy Bourne remains silent.

  • I personally wrote to Katy Bourne about my fears that OAP murder witness Joe Neilson was in danger. Katy Bourne remained silent and Joe Neilson was beaten to an inch of his life.

Read more: Sussex Police tried to Kill me.

But still Katy Bourne remains silent.

I haven't even touched upon the on-going cases of serious criminality and dereliction of duty in the Eccy de Jonge and Stefan Coburn cases.

  • How many other cases are out there which I know nothing about?
But yet Katy Bourne remains silent.

And she isn't the only Sussex public servant who remains silent.

What is wrong with these people? Don't they realize that in a Common Law Court the sheer fact they don't challenge these statements, makes them guilty of the very allegations leveled against them.


If someone were to criticize on my character, I’ll defend it to the hilt, but these people don't seem to care.

As long as they are paid vast wages from the public purse and as long as everyone around them are committing public fraud, then they feel safe and secure in continuing what they are doing, without a care in the world what the average voter thinks of it.

They are each a disgrace to Sussex and the people they are tasked to serve.

We all have an amazing opportunity in May 2015 to vote them out of office.

We have an amazing opportunity to boot them out of office now, if only people got angry and demanded immediate action, but the general election of 07 May 2015 will have to do.

We have an amazing opportunity to vote for independence to ensure the failures and corruption of the established political parties isn’t allowed to continue.

Let's not beat around the bush here. Each and every reader of my work knows now that I’m right. My contention that Sussex police are corrupt and that local government in Sussex is equally so has been proven to be true, for the simple fact that no-one disputes me.

I can take a horse to water but cannot make it drink. I can offer up this information but cannot make you think.

Katy Bourne has broken her Oath of Office on too many occasions, but still she remains in office and still she remains silent.

Read more: Katy Bourne breaks her Oath of Office.

I can only do so much; the rest is up to you, the people of Sussex to vote for the right people into positions of power.

The voters of Sussex have been hoodwinked into voting for the likes of Katy Bourne, Simon Kirby, Warren Morgan and many others for far too long.

With the evidence I’ve presented since 2012, I trust you realize you need me and will vote for me on Independence Day 07 May 2015. 


Further Reading:

Tuesday, 5 August 2014


Though I don’t want to make a habit of it, I agree with Simon Kirby MP on this occasion and concur there is no need for a 175-turbine farm eight miles off the Brighton coast.

While I strongly disagree with Simon Kirby and his Nasty Nazis party on Fracking, I do welcome Moai Tidal power which has the potential to deliver more power than all the fracking wells and wind turbines put together.

Tethered to the sea bed up to 250 km out, Moai Tidal turbines use only 50m square volume of water to generate between 300 and 500 megawatts of electricity.

Dependent on the tidal flows, tidal generators are invisible to the naked eye and deliver pollution bulk free energy requiring no infrastructure, pylons, cables or sub-stations.

Matt Taylor the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has attracted interest from a Moai Delegation who are visiting the UK later this month to check out various locations, including Perth in Scotland, Dover and Plymouth in the South of England, as permanent sites for their Moai tidal turbines.

Matt Taylor said, “With Moai Tidal turbines tethered around our Nation Island, we will have no need for fracking or wind turbines all together. The fact we are an island nation is our greatest strength and with the help of Moai Tidal turbines, we can generate all the UK's electric demand and have enough solid metal hydrogen rocket fuel left over, to power a space craft to get to the moon and back.


Monday, 4 August 2014


Please accept my apologizes at the very start for the bad language and the bully-boy tactics used against Graham the Crook-Cox; and only do so to express my complete disgust towards the man’s morality and political compass.

As harsh as it sounds and as scornful as I come across to the passing reader, I cannot emphasis to you enough the unsuitability of a man like Graham the Crook-Cox to hold public office and be allowed to maintain the corruption of democracy which his Nasty Nazis Conservative party represents and prospers.

Let me tell you this about Graham the Crook-Cox and let you decide whether he’s a crook or not:

I was present at the January 2014 ‘Vote of No-Confidence,’ motioned by the Labour leader Warren Morgan against the Green Leader Jason Kitcat.

To repeat Graham Crook's words which I dictated from looking down from above in the public gallery:

“Um, I therefore also with a very very heavy heart, find myself having to support this motion, when I don’t actually want to, because if it was a motion that said, ‘Um, I’ve no confidence in the green administration, and I’ve even less confidence in a potential labour administration, perhaps I’ll be a bit happier.”

Do we really need this man in Parliament to vote for his constituent’s interests, while having voted for issues on a local level that he “didn’t actually want?”


He was the Brighton & Hove Police Commander during the Katrina Taylor murder cover-up and is implicated in the Neilson crime files to have played his own corrupt part in promoting the interests of the criminals who control Sussex police.

Evidenced by his smug acceptance piece published in the not-so-independent Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper, he’s quoted as saying:

“Some readers of Brighton & Hove Independent may recall my time as the superintendent in charge of Hove, when we pioneered a more visible form of street policing in which patrolling officers dealt with matters that were previously written off as just minor misdemeanours – such as:

  • Littering
  • Street-drinking
  • Cycling on the pavement
  • Disorderly behaviour.”
Graham the Crook-Cox will be a perfect addition to the kapo ranks of the Nasty Nazis party because he’s proven he’s willing to turn a blind eye to the serious crimes that effect society, (crime’s I hastily add which have gone up under Katy Bourne’s tenure-ship as Sussex Commissioner) such as:

·        Rape
·        Burglary
·        Murder

All you have to do now under Katy Bourne’s leadership is to say sorry for your crime, wear a band and you’re allowed to go home.

This country has gone to rot and its people like Graham Cox who’ve helped it alone the way.

Here’s the last and most insidious reason why Graham Crook Cox is a Crook. Look at him in the picture kiss-arsing the equally insidious Clarence Mitchell, the McCann’s spokesman and general civil servant fix-it-guy, brought in to stand against the honest Green Party MP Caroline Lucas in the Brighton Pavilion constituency.

Another reason why Graham Cox is a crook (which has just pinged into my mind) is that while waiting his turn to speak at the vote of no confidence into Jason Kitcat, his colleague sitting next to him accidentally spilt her glass of water over his prepared speech.

Remember I called him ‘smug’ earlier, well here’s why, read what he said after someone in the public gallery shouted “oh here we go,” as he got up to speak:

“Thank you Madam Major, Um, I had a wonderfully elegant speech I was going to read out but unfortunately councillor Mears has poured water all over it, so um (laughter from the floor) you‘ll have to get the real thing!”

  • Number One:
Isn’t it up to the listener to decide whether it’s elegant and not?

  • Number Two:
He admits that without his prepared (oh so “wonderful” and “elegant”) speech, he is left with no choice but to speak the truth, which he evidently did and in the process revealed himself to be a right cock because he votes for motions that he “doesn’t really want.”

  • Number Three:
And this will make you laugh; the vote of confidence into Jason Kitcat’s leadership was a piece of local political theatre. The outcome had no legal bidding and while Jason Kitcat lost the vote, life went on exactly the same the next day as he turned up for work the leader of Brighton and Hove council; nothing had changed.

Graham the Crook-Cox has demonstrated he’s willing to go against his moral compass and compromise himself over a motion which bears no significance to anything.

Imagine the damage this man can do with something as critical a Parliamentary vote?

I’ll bet my last penny Graham the Crook-Cox would have voted for:

  • The Iraq Wars
  • The Syrian War
  • To dump European Human Rights
  • Fracking
  • Austerity measures
  • And a no vote for a Public Inquiry into institutional Child-abuse.
Graham Cox is an insidious man and must not be allowed to win the Hove and Portslade election in 2015.

Following the disgraced departure of Mike Weatherley, who won’t be contesting the 2015 election, Graham the Crook-Cox smugly rubbed his opponent’s face in the mud by boasting:

“This was not an easy decision for members as they had three other excellent candidates to choose from. In particular, my colleague Kristy Adams presented a very impressive case. I hope we will see much more of Kristy in the near future.”

Calling himself “Excellent,” has this man’s ego no bounds?

We need independently minded people to join Martin Bell, the crusading independent parliamentarian, to check out and join.


As Martin Bell said, “The Independent Network (IN) is a non-profit organisation that provides support to candidates who are not members of political parties. Independent candidates do not have access to a large national party structure with its human and financial resources. The Independent Network was formed to attend to this inequality and will encourage the electorate to acknowledge the success and influence independents are having in Parliament and in local government.”


Please can you send me some funds to print leaflets, books and banners which I intend to set up at public places and jumble sales across the Brighton Kemptown area, to attract your independent vote?

Equally we need other independent parliamentary candidates to stand in:

  • Hove & Portslade.
  • Lewes.
  • And every other constituency in Great Britain.

“I grew up in Portslade,” says Matt Taylor the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown, “If no-one steps up to the platform and accepts the challenge of stopping both Labour and Conservative MP’s from winning the seat as an independent candidate, then I may have to.”

Sunday, 3 August 2014


Matt Taylor the independent parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has issued an extraordinary statement to the new Chief Constable of Sussex Police Giles York, “arrest me for high treason but don't you dare arrest me for harassment.”

Following the arrest of on-line journalist Chris Spivey for harassment, Matt Taylor, the editor-in-chief of the now defunct Guerrilla Democracy News, and a staunch supporter of Chris Spivey’s journalistic integrity, has issued his close friend, Giles York with a challenge that if another police force should ask to arrest him, (as did Manchester Police in the case of Chris Spivey who lives in Essex), he must:

“1. Make sure the arrest is for High Treason, deserving of the explosive and controversial nature of the allegedly libelous articles published by Guerrilla Democracy News.

2. Give him a lift home once finished helping with police enquires.”

Unlike Chris Spivey who walked out the station only to find no one there, “I had to catch a fucking train home,” he complained.

Matt Taylor has made it blatantly clear that if any arrest warrant was made against him, the time kept waiting in the cell is kept to the absolute minimum.

Having served 2 months imprisonment at the Army’s so called ‘Glass House,’ detention centre in Colchester for naughty soldiers, Matt Taylor knows more than many the value of freedom and the horrors of being locked up to 23 hours in a cell- 4x6 with a toilet in the corner.

Close friends with the new Chief Constable Giles York, Matt Taylor has got more choice words in store for his friend having learnt Sussex Police are running a competition for a new television presenter and that they haven't already asked him whether he wanted the role or not.

Promoted on the Sussex Police website:


Could this be you?

Ever wanted to see behind the scenes of policing and find out what it's really like?
Win a chance to present during our 24 hour live broadcast this October.
As part of 24 hours live, Sussex Police is offering eight Sussex residents the chance to be a presenter for the day.
To get a taster of the event, watch our video.

The lucky winners will have the chance to present a broadcast streamed live from the Sussex Police website, spending part of a shift with one of a range of different policing teams.

You could be going out on patrol with our Neighbourhood Response PCs, finding out about our forensic examination or taking to the streets with a local PCSO.
What do you need to do?

To enter all you need to do is show us your interviewing skills in a short 2 minute video.
You can interview anyone you like, be it a colleague, local celebrity or even your pet dog, but we want to see your star quality in front of the camera.

DATES- Competition opens 16 July 2014. Closes 15 August 2014 Winners will be announced on 29 August 2014 Broadcast will take place on 10 October

HOW TO ENTER- You can email a link to your video to production@sussex.pnn.police.ukOr post your entry form and video clip to:Sussex Police People Competition Corporate Communications and Public Engagement Department Sussex Police, Malling House Church Lane, Lewes BN7 2DZ
PRIZE - You'll be allocated a team to spend the day with, and entrants under 18 will be given a shift during daylight hours.
T&Cs- You must be 16 years or over and have a Sussex home address to enter. Those aged 16 to 18 will be given a daytime shift. You'll be vetted. You don't get to keep copyright of your video once submitted. The shortlisted videos will be posted to the Force Facebook account.You'll be joining operational officersYou agree to be filmed and for footage to be made available at the later date(Please also complete & sign the medical consent and photography permission form and return it either by post, to the above address with your video or to

Medical consent form
Photography permission form

Matt Taylor who first met the then Deputy Chief Constable Giles York at the Sussex Police Headquarters in Lewes, during the Police and Crime Commissioner elections of 2012; has since through a variety of meetings, including a memorial charity run for fallen heroines WPC's Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone, and have since enjoyed a cracking relationship based on joviality, the common goal of excellence in the police force and mutual respect.

A thorn in the side of Sussex Police in partnership with his deputy Joe Neilson, Matt Taylor is well-known to make allegedly libelous claims, which up-to-date, have been met with silence from all parties named including Sussex Police and Katy Bourne the elected Sussex Commissioner, which in itself validates the truthfulness and validity of Matt Taylor's information.

Having been a victim of a smear campaign by UK Column News and attacked over his support of on-line journalist Chris Spivey, Matt Taylor has responded in predictable fashion by hitting back against his critics by publishing the uncouth tweet's to a wider audience than would otherwise have never known about their bullishness and stupidity.

Matt Taylor is the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015 and his opponents are:

Simon Kirby – Nazis Conservative
Simon Kirby has recently been promoted parliamentary private secretary (PPS) to Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

The very fact that he’s the person chosen by David Cameron, George Osborne and Oliver Letwin to keep the criminality of the weasel Jeremy Hunt secret as he illegally sales off the Health Service, shows beyond doubt that Simon Kirby is part of the gang and ear-marked for a greater role within the Nazis Conservative party.

He’s also on the Chair of the 1922 Committee! Nudge nudge wink wink, meaning he’s privy and compliant to all their most dirty Nazis secrets.

Nancy Platts – Labour Party
A Jacqui Smith look alike, the Labour Home Secretary in Gordon Brown’s first government, who after office confessed to not having a clue what she was doing and admitted she should have been better trained for her role in office.

Nancy Platts admits to be “Not being like any other professional politician,” on her campaign website, which in it-self reveals her to be nothing but any other typical "professional politician" who intends to milk her way through life on the back of being a "professional hypocrite" sprouting the sprout but in fact being a loyal member of the equally corrupt Labour party.

Nancy Platts has the audacity to ignore police corruption but publicly chastise a Fire Chief, someone who’s put his life on the line to save idiots like Nancy Platts all his professional life; for enjoying a three day break away at a luxury hotel, only because it was done in times of austerity.

What Nancy Pratts, (the failed Labour candidate for Brighton Kemptown 2015) fails to understand is that there is no austerity. Its only a contrived event to rob the poor of ever more, while the rich get richer and the hard-working folk die paying their bills, clothing and feeding their children, all the while looking over their shoulder for paedophile parliamentarians, teachers, priests and BBC children presenters.

“This country has gone to rot under this Nazis Conservative stroke Lib Dem government and it’s about time the voters realize who the criminals really are and call the police to arrest the evil people, not the people like Chris Spivey, terrorizing his daughter and one-year-old grandson in the process, but the truly evil people like David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Simon Kirby and Nancy Pratts.”

Davy Jones – The Green Party.

Davy Jones is an old and wrinkly yoga teacher who makes a living from feeding of the public tax-payer in a consultancy type of role.

Ian Buchanan – UKIP Party

A self confessed Free Mason… Need I say more??? Anyone who pledges a higher allegiance to a secret society is obviously the last person any right-minded individual would vote for in a democratic process.

The Liberal Democrats have yet to declare, but I hear from my campaign manager that it may be a lesbian.

Of-which I have nothing against anyone's sex expect that whoever she is, she’s in association with the Nazis and that can never be a good thing.

Joe Neilson – Independent

My independent rival and the only disabled independent candidate in the country running in the 2015 general election, a round of applause everyone for Joe Neilson:


If there is anyone I’d be voting for in this election, it’ll be independent Joe.

The Brighton and Hove Independent Newspaper likes to remind us we have under 150 days to the 2015 general election, but what they fail to mention is that the independent loose-cannons Joe Neilson and Matt Taylor are also standing as parliamentary candidates.

“Its fact, get over it,” chastises Matt Taylor, “We’ve got the £500 deposit and we’ve got the twenty signatures. We are running as the independent parliamentary candidates for Brighton Kemptown in 2015 whether you like it or not. I intend to win this election by winning over the voters at the forth-coming hustings. If for whatever reason anyone, let alone the editor of the Brighton and Hove Independent newspaper Greg Hadfield, refuses to allow us to attend any husting and have a voice, I promise you now, all Hell will break loose.

We are the independent candidates for Brighton Kemptown and on Independence Day 07 May 2015, we intent to win the Brighton Kemptown election.”

To learn more about Matt Taylor and why you need to vote for him visit his campaign website at where he invites you to leave a message and debate the politics of the day.

Become an independent candidate yourself and stand as an independent candidate in your area.

Join Martin Bell at - Join the Independent movement.

Saturday, 2 August 2014


Matt Taylor the independent candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, has issued a statement backing the on-line journalist Chris Spivey.

His statement reads:

“Now if you haven’t heard of Chris Spivey (pronounced Spy-Vee, not Spiv-Eee) you soon will.

Having been called a ‘Crackpot Web Troll’ by the Sun Newspaper and been arrested for harassment by Essex Police on request of Manchester Police; Chris Spivey is about to become a house hold name and the most famous person in Britain.

What has Chris Spivey done wrong?

Nothing more than High Treason if he’s proven wrong in a court of law, to saving the country from a tyrannical dictatorship if he’s proven right, (which in that case I think he should be made Prime Minister but that’s only my opinion.)

Chris Spivey has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the Lee Rigby murder was a Mi5 contrived false flag event and in doing so (has in all likelihood) triggering a British Revolution.

As an ex-Royal Military Policeman and a parliamentary candidate for Brighton Kemptown in 2015, I am convinced by Chris Spivey’s journalistic investigations that imply we are indeed under attack from dark forces, of which the Queen herself has alluded to and is a part of.”

Responding after a sustained Twitter attack by anti-Chris Spivey trolls, Matt Taylor is following his predictable fashion of hitting back at any adverse attack upon his character and good name.
His statement continues, “It was inevitable my enemies will attempt to derail my election campaign even before it begins. They’ve tried it with UK Column News already and now they are trying it with Chris Spivey. Well let me tell you, I’m on the side of good old honest truth and righteousness and our claims will be proven true in a court of law very soon.

Just imagine sending someone into the future only 10 years ago? The timeonaut would have returned with outlandish tales that two of the UK’s most loved children presenters were in fact prolific sex pests, paedophiles and serial killers.

The very people who are publicly deriding Chris Spivey’s investigation into the Lee Rigby Woolwich incident would have been the very same people to laugh in the face of the timeonaut and call him a ‘ding-bat,’ ‘conspiraloon,’ ‘nutjob’ and ‘stupid.’

Ben Gun, someone who’s been locked up in jail for 32 years has the audacity to wave the libel law in front of me, while he describes my beliefs as “bargain basement twitter stupidity,” before threatening me and my family with, “And be careful- I WAS a criminal.”

What is so disappointing is that the people who behave in such an uncouth manner are usually the ones without the brain power to finish a Chris Spivey article.

You have to remember that a Chris Spivey article of the length and depth of ‘Look back in Anger,’ would have taken over a year to write, with hundreds if not thousands of pictures and nearly a 100,000 words in it’s narrative alone.

Not many people have the brain power to finish a Chris Spivey article, let alone fully digest its information and understand its implications.”

“Let’s get one thing straight,” Matt Taylor continues, “I am privileged and honoured to stand as an independent candidate in the 2015 Brighton Kemptown general election and I stand by Chris Spivey shoulder to shoulder, as we go to war against the evil in our midst.

Chris Spivey has revealed seriously dangerous degrees of perversion and corruption at the heart of Westminster and Buckingham Palace and as your elected MP I intend to do something about it.”

To find out more about Matt Taylor and what he will do for you, contact him at

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